30 dating 20 year old chris beetem dating

So here are fifteen of the biggest differences between dating a twenty-year-old guy versus a thirty-year-old man.

Your twenty year-old boyfriend will worry about where he will be spending pregame, whether it be at a friends house or a bar.

Sometimes, dating someone older or younger than you can be difficult for that exact reason.

It can be worth the challenge, but heaps up on the many complications that you already deal with when dating.

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The two used to spend a lot of time in each other’s makeup room during the shoots of Adhuri Kahani Hamari.

When you get to 30, you’re going to want to travel slightly differently, spend a little more, do slightly more expensive things, eat at slightly better restaurants.

So work for a year and save enough money to experience the world on the cheap.

You don’t need a lot of friends or people around you. Some people will tell you that it’s just the way they are.

For the uninitiated, the two worked together in Adhuri Kahani Hamari, which went off air some time back.


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