How often do dating couples have intercourse

After studying over 30,000 people, the researchers found that couples had sex around once a week on average, and what's more, having sex that often was linked to an increase in happiness compared to having it less often.

But interestingly enough, the study found no increase in happiness when people had sex more than once a week. The study, which analyzed over 15,000 people, found that people who had sex two to three times a week were happier than those who had it once a week, and so on down the line.

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However the other would be left feeling; frustrated, disappointed, undesired, paranoid, and unconvinced about things improving in the future.

If you're worried that you and your partner need to up your game in the bedroom, relax.

New research gathered by Happify shows that having lots of sex doesn't necessarily make couples happier."A lot of people have this idea in their heads that sex every day or close to every day is ideal.

I have discussed the topic with her many times in the past and we are both aware that we have this 'problem'.

There has been so much communication between us about the topic, however, even loving, supporting and constructive communication now just doesn't help the situation; as it leaves reminders of the problem in the mind of the one who feels preassured to show sexual intimacy.


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